checking for broken bone with tuning fork

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Is it broken? That is the question on everyone's mind when a child clutches his ankle after falling out of a tree, collides over a soccer ball, or limps off the field .
Most Helpful Customer Reviews: I recently had shin splints evaluated by my doctor. He used a tuning fork as a quick check for stress fractures. The one he used was .
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Any weighted tuning forks can be considered an Otto Tuner however there are 4 that are used most often for healing purposes.
Well several things are done, visual examination will show if the bone is obviously broken. X-rays will also show fractures in bones. If an x-ray unit is not available .
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Extra long 2 handle of turned smooth aluminum to facilitate bone conduction testsProfessional High Grade Solid Aluminum-alloyc128 Hz Pitched DescriptionIt
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A stress fracture, like any other injury, is a fear every runner has to live with. It is among the worst of the overuse injuries, because you have to take several weeks .
Yes, you can use a tuning fork. You can do this by hitting it and then placing it on the bones. The virbrations/ pain incurred will let you know if it is cracked or not.
When tuning forks are "strummed" lightly, they begin to vibrate. When these vibrations are placed near a break in a bone, the person's pain increases.
Best Answer: my daughter is a figure skater, and bruises her tailbone often. We go to the chiro for him to check, but you can go to your doctor, whichever checking for broken bone with tuning fork is easier .
5 stars. "Just what I needed"
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