tripping from adderall and nyquill

24. září 2011 v 18:53

Can you get high from 100 mg morphine time release pills?
Best Answer: Well i had been wondering the same thing cause i just came down with a bad cough and started taking mucinex dm and wasnt sure about nyquil so i tripping from adderall and nyquill called a.
Can you get high from 100 mg morphine time release pills?
Best Answer: Yes, you can take the Nyquil. It suggests not taking any other acetaminophen with the Nyquil or Dayquil because of the risk of liver damage. If you were .
hey um damn i remember when i use to check this msg board thing out all the time. Anyway my gf and her friend have been sniffing crushed up adderall and i said what the .
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for all you people complainin about bein IDed for buyin nyquil or other drugs, calm down. It's the LAW now. It's these peoples jobs to ID you. And if some underage kid did .
Best Answer: uppers and downers sister. your either lookin at one hell of a trip or the worst 5 hours of your life . Don't worry about it. You will probably just .
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tripping from adderall and nyquill

> Better Living Through Chemistry . blew down about 2 grams tonight, I have work at 8am tomorrow and Ill probably stay . Quote: Originally Posted by .
Find patient medical information for Vicks NyQuil Cold/Flu Oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings
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